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Being an avid believer in reduce, reuse, recycle, here is information on Fife Council's policy (effective as of early next year) on usage of recycling centres.

Changes to trailers access 
All vehicles disposing of household waste using a trailer will be required to complete a declaration form when entering the site, before disposing of waste at these facilities. These facilities are only available to Fife residents, so proof of address is needed e.g. driving licence, Council Tax bill or a utility bill.  If proof of address cannot be provided, then permission to dispose of waste will be refused.
 Recycling Centres are funded by Fife tax payers and we cannot accept waste that originates from other local authority areas.
 Single Axle Trailers
All single axle trailers disposing of household waste must complete a declaration form and provide proof of address prior to disposing of any waste.  There is no limit on the number of single axle trailer visits, but data provided will be monitored to prevent waste crime.
 Double Axle Trailers
Restrictions are in place for double axle trailers.  As with single axle trailers, a declaration form must be completed alongside proof of address in order to dispose of waste.  A 'common sense' approach will be taken when Double Axle trailers enter one of our facilities.  The number of visits will be monitored and, if necessary, limited.
 Pedestrian Access
No pedestrian access will be allowed at any of Fife Council’s Recycling Centres from 1 January 2019. Pedestrians will not be permitted to walk in through the entrance or exit gates. Both light commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles use these facilities, as well as a high volume of cars at any given time. 
 Commercial waste charges
Commercial customers currently access Recycling Centres by purchasing a Recycling Ticket. This Ticket will be phased out from January 2019, and a new charging system will come into operation.
 The new cashless payment system is an online customer account. Customers register online and top up their balance that is then used to pay for waste disposal on entering one of our Recycling Centres that accept commercial waste.  Charges are based on:
  • Vehicle size
  • Material type
  • Recycling Centre used
  • Fill level of vehicle (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%)
 Further information on the new payment system will be published when available. No new Recycling Ticket applications are being accepted, and current customers will be the first to move across to the new payment system in February.  It will become available to all Fife-based customers in April 2019.
 Other changes
Fife Council are also making a few other changes to health and safety, including no wheeled bins and a restriction on maximum trailer length.  The Access Policy will be updated and the most up to date version is available at:
Monitoring of Recycling Centres
The use of Recycling Centres by residents and commercial users is closely monitored by Fife Council and its arms-length organisation Fife Resource Solutions (FRS).  The Centres are provided for disposal of the residents of Fife only, and by Fife- based commercial customers following appropriate payment. 
 Monitoring of site-usage to prevent illegal waste disposal includes:
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition across our Recycling Centre network.
  • Use of Body Worn Cameras by all Recycling Centre staff capturing audio and video footage.
  • The use of Household Waste Declaration forms to confirm waste is from your household.

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