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Prior to being elected I was a teacher  which has given me a particular interest in education, educational policy & development and ensuring that we get the best for young people in Scotland. The future success of any nation is its young people and we all have a responsibility in ensuring every possible opportunity is available.

Originally qualifying as a History teacher I later taught Modern Studies before moving into Additional Support Needs education three years ago. This has given me a fairly extensive overview of the curriculum (including pre Curriculum for Excellence) across the stages and the provision in place for pupils who are often not able to access mainstream education. My background in education is partly what motivated me to go into politics as I have, over the past few years, becoming increasingly questioning of where education, educational policy and governance is going in Scotland and how education is being managed and delivered at the local level. I am uncomfortable about the seemingly lack of accountability between the Scottish Government and Education Scotland and the direction of current HMIe within schools. I shall continue to keep myself updated with ongoing developments in the lead up to next year's education bill to go before Holyrood. With all of this in mind I put myself forward to sit on the Education & Children's Services Committee at Fife Council. Current lead topics are the catchment areas and rezoning of schools in the Dunfermline & West Fife area. 

My background in working with young people with additional needs has led to an increasing awareness of the need for greater accessibility for those with a disability, within the public sphere. One such matter is disabled access at Burntisland Railway Station. Addressing the inaccessibility was one of my election pledges and I am pleased to say I am working on this. However, given the stakeholders involved and the financial aspect this is likely to be lengthy and protracted, but that is not a reason to give up. I very much welcome thoughts, comments and opinions from residents in regards to the railway station. 

Having read for an MSc a number of years ago and writing a thesis on the politics of identity I have a particular interest in the caveats of identity expressed both within the individual and as a group. My interest began with looking at identity within minority groups and over the past decade has expanded into national identity/identities (which is perhaps of no surprise in Scotland today). I have studied both identity and social identity theory and continue to hold an interest in how identities develop and change over time. My previous research led me to interviewing and moving within an environment of diversity in Scotland, and as such legislation on equality and religious acceptance within the public sphere (both in the UK and Europe) are areas of ongoing interest.

Historical interests of mine are the study of the Plantagenet dynasty (particularly Richard III),  the  Tudor usurping of the English Crown and the biographical accounts of female monarchs. 

I am also a keen swimmer, enjoy running and cycling and like to Instagram about healthy eating. I also love cats and have an outright adversity to any forms of animal cruelty and inhumane farming practices.

(Please note: All posts on this blog are written by me - I attribute sources and references where appropriate. If you choose to quote I have no problem with that, however, please reference.)


Kathleen Leslie BA (Hons), PGCE, MSc

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