Monday, 14 May 2018

Food Waste Bags Distribution

Food Waste Bags Distribution - This is a note from Fife Council on behalf of Fife Resource Solutions. I will add the details also to a separate page here on the Blog for easy access. Please note this began last week (7/5/18).

On behalf of Fife Council, Fife Resource Solutions (FRS) previously delivered 3 rolls of food waste bags every 12 months for all households with a brown bin collection service. 

Survey data from 2016 shows that over 25% of householders do not use food waste bags. In addition, the survey shows that a further 10% of households use less food waste bags than that provided by FRS. Therefore, the current method for distribution is both inefficient and ineffective. 

The Fife Resource Solutions Business Plan (2018-19) outlined a saving of £120,000 by stopping the direct delivery of bags to householders and providing them instead from Recycling Centres. 

Recycling Centre Distribution 

From 7th May food waste bags will be available from Recycling Centres in Fife. A self-service container is available at each Recycling Centre. Householders are asked to take up to 3 rolls of bags every 12 months. 

Customer Service Centres Trial 
Also, as a trial, food waste bags will also be available free of charge to householders at Kirkcaldy CSC (Townhouse) from 7th May (for 6 months). Householders can collect up to 3 rolls of bags per visit. Kirkcaldy was chosen as a trial as it was the first area to receive bags last year, and therefore where households are most likely to need a new supply. If successful, then this service could be rolled out to other Customer Service Centres. 

Posted food waste bags 
Food waste bags will be posted to householders if householders were missed during delivery of food waste bags last year (April 2017 - March 2018). Householders should call the Recycling Helpline on 03451 55 00 22. 

Other options 
Householders can continue to: 
* Use newspaper to wrap your food waste 
* Put food into the brown bin loose, especially dry foods such as bread 
* Buy food waste bags from other sources provided they carry the compostable symbol shown. This will make sure that the bags will compost in our Anaerobic Digestion Plant and create compost. This includes Leisure Centres in Fife and ONFife libraries (£1.30/roll) – site list at

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